Application of seismic isolation dampers in vibration of building structure

- Jul 12, 2016-

Isolation of building structures vibration reduction is through isolation and damping devices (or components), an irresistible wave (s-wave and p-wave) isolated from buildings, to isolate and reduce the effect of seismic energy on buildings and building security.

If will this by are to impact (vertical force) of across earthquake shock absorbers installation in structures in the, dang earthquake impact outbreak Shi, by produced of relative buildings of level impact, this (vertical force) across earthquake shock absorbers will for level force of impact and damage, not only up to has across earthquake shock of purpose, instead accelerated has building upper structure of capsized, this is is dangerous of.

"Rubber pad" isolation shock absorber is mounted between the building Foundation and upper structure, namely on the basis of the whole building with dozens of isolated shock absorbers and upper structures built in isolation on the shock absorber, is essentially the traditional architecture, based on the separation and isolation dampers and upper structure of three objects overlap by vertical pressure structure. This structure when vertical shock impact regardless of external forces is from the ground up, also is a force downward from the upper building impact, its impact can be consumed in the isolation of these shock absorbers and weakened, so as to achieve the purpose of isolation vibration.

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