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- Oct 26, 2016-

We have a professional factory producing durable tiny rotary damper with 10 gears, welcome to wholesale tiny rotary damper with 10 gears made in China and get its free sample with us.

Title: Factory Supplier Customized Silicone Rubber Auto Spare Part

Type: LF-18

1.Who is Long Ji and what we can do for you?

Long Ji is a manufacturer of rotary dampers, our tiny rotary damper provide smooth speed and motion control.Cabinet drawer damper is a device that deadens, restrains,or depresses. Our tiny rotary damper can reduce the noise and more safety for operator.


3.Product parameters:


Gear number:10

Pitch circle:8.0

Pressure angle:20°

The maximum rotation angle:360°

Torque range:

Note 1):Nominal torque is measured value under temperature of 23?,humidity of 80%, rotation speed of test rack motor of 36r/m after damper rotateds for 5 cycles;

     2)Provide customized torque by changing viscosity of damper grease;

     3) The maximum operating temperature scope of damper: -20?-70?



Axle core /Gear:POM

Sealing ring:Silica gel

Damping oil:Silicone oil


Rotary furniture door damper

Soft close rotary damper

Toilet seat rotary damper

Rotary damper for heat resistance

Rotary damper for high torque

Rotary damper for Drawer

Rotary damper/ shock absorber for speaker

Rotary damper for household electrical appliance

Rotary damper for automation and medical equipment

Rotary damper for computer and other Electronic equipment

6.Our services:

Customers would be provided with below services if you are interested in our products.

A.  Professional recommendations on tape choice for customers.

B.  Free samples available.

C.  Competitive prices.

D.  In time delivery.

E.  Quality assurance. 

Welcome to contact us

We choose the cheapest & best shipping way for you.

We will follow up until you receive goods properly.

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