Classification of Rotating Dampe

- Aug 22, 2016-


The rotating damper can be divided into three parts: gear rotary damper, vane rotary damper, barrel rotary damper.

Gear rotary damper have two units: unidirectional gear rotary damper and bidirectional gear damper.

There are some unidirectional gear rotary dampers, such as LF-08 oil plastic rotary damper,LF-38A high quality plastic oil rotary damper.

Gear bidirectional rotary damper, such as LF-02 tiny gear rotary damper, LF-11/11C small rotary damper for auto parts.LF-08A hardware axis rotary damper,LF-13/16 silicone soft close rotary damper,LF-18 motion control plastic injection rotary damper for Mahjong, LF-20 series for CD player, LF-31 soft close rotary damper for furniture, LF-32 dashpots, LF-21 series small silicone rotary damper, LF-23 series car accessories rotary damper, LF-26 series plastic rotating small damper.LF-38A oil damper.

All the Vane damper is unidirectional rotary damper, Vane rotary damper can be separated by its dimension.

A: 14mm: LF-18C soft close hinge

  16mm: Lf-33 stainless soft closing damper,LF-33B washing machine stainless rotary damper

  18mm: LF-18D(short shaft and standard shaft ) vane rotary damper for washing machine or toilet lid

  20mm: Lf-35 stainless shell soft close rotary damper for heavy lid

        Lf-36 series vane soft closing rotary damper

Barrel rotary damper is LF-28B and LF-28C.They can be used in hidden seat and handle.

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