Controllable passive electromagnetic

- Jul 12, 2016-

The vibration of high speed rotating machines is one of the more prominent and difficult problem to solve. High speed of this machine are critical and even run over several critical speeds. Therefore in order to ensure its safe operation, in addition to ensuring the careful design and precision manufacturing installation, typically use dampers to reduce vibration. Squeeze film damper and damping of electromagnetic damper are two commonly used. Design of a new controllable passive electromagnetic damper.

Passive electromagnetic damper for rotor systems achieved better vibration effects. This damper of damping mechanism is of a passive damping is with the excitation voltage can be controlled. Compare with squeeze film dampers, compared to conventional passive electromagnetic damper Active magnetic bearings bearing most of the advantages compared with the active electromagnetic damper, the overall structure of passive electromagnetic damper simpler, lower cost and higher reliability. So this is a very promising effective high-speed rotor vibration damping device.

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