Covering rotating dampener

- Aug 24, 2016-

We can find that there are many things with cover in our daily life, such as ashtray and glasses box in car application, washer, rice cooker, ash cart, toilet lid, hearth , coffee machine, refrigerator, ice machine, printer,  piano, crisper, meeting desk, CD player ,and so on.

Without stalling the relative damper, the machine will produce the noise to disturb our life, because the force of dropping is only influenced by gravity and a  little other resistance ,however, the resistance is not enough to resist the powerful gravity. Now, what should we do to resist it?

Rotary damper can do it. How does the plastic damper work? Silicone damper works by its viscosity of damping oil .The size of the force is affected by the viscosity of the damper. We can control the viscosity to manufacture what you want.

While we stall the customized small damper, the dropping of cover will slow down quietly and peacefully. So our demand is satisfied----Soft, Silent, Safety.

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