- Jul 12, 2016-

Damper, is to provide the resistance, reduced energy consumption devices. Energy absorption damping use damping to no new technologies in aerospace, aviation, military, guns, car industry has long been applied in a wide variety of dampers (shock absorbers) vibration energy dissipation. Since in the 1970 of the 20th century, people began to gradually turn these technologies into buildings, bridges, railways and other structures, which develops very fast. Particularly if there is more than 50-year history of hydraulic viscous dampers, in the United States is structural engineering acceptance of previous, experienced a number of experiments, scrutiny, repeated argument, especially the long process of Quake.

The development process

• In aerospace, aviation, defense, widely used in such industries as machinery, decades of successful history

• 80 's of the last century in the United States both the seismology Research Centre and other units for a number of experiments and research

, Has published dozens of articles on articles

• 90, United States National Science Foundation, and the civil society unit organized two major joint, made by a third party test, gives an authoritative test reports, reference for professors and engineers

• Based on the above results were almost all relevant agencies, code review, and provided the application approach

• Management departments, brought hundreds of structural engineering applications. These projects after disasters such as earthquakes, strong winds tested successfully, was very successful.

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