Internal Boring Bar with Cooling Hole

- Sep 25, 2016-

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:LF-38A

  • Process Usage: Metal-Cutting CNC Machine Tools

  • Control Method: Open-Loop Control

  • Certification: SGS, ISO 9001

  • Place of Origin: Dongguan China (Mainland)

  • Hardness: 89.5~92.7hra

  • Performance: Excellent Wear Resistance

  • Advantage: Over 20 Years Experinces in This Line

  • Trademark: shenzhen

  • Specification: ISO9001, 2008 SGS

  • HS Code: 523000

  • Application: Metal

  • Movement Method: Contour Control

  • Numerical Control: CNC/MNC

  • Performance Classification: High-End CNC Machine Tools

  • Condition: New

  • Business Type: Manufacturer

  • City: Zhuzhou China (Mainland)

  • Technology: Advanced

  • Material: 100% Raw Material

  • Package: Standard or Customized

  • Origin:Shenzhen, China (Mainland)

Product Description
Carbide Boring Bar

(Carbide Boring Rod; Tungsten Carbide Anti Vibration Tool Holder)

Carbide Anti Vibration's effect.

1.    When we using cutting tool, we are worring about the vibration problems.
If can reduce the occurrence of knife shock very well, that means in the process of machining will be relatively smooth, so there is carbide anti vibration tool holder. 
The difference between anti vibration boring rod and ordinary cutter arbor, is that anti vibration boring bar installed tuned mass damper, based on the principle of resonance, in form, it is a passive dynamic system. 
Popular speak, in the inner of tool holder, there is a vibration absorber opposite vibration when the handle bending deformation. 
This kind of boring bar can absorb vibration and increase the stablility. This is carbide anti vibration boring bar, having it, we will not have to worry about the knife shock problems in the mechanical processing.

2.      CNC milling tool holders is used for woodworking, with one or more of the rotary tool cutter. The margin in work piece is cut by the milling intermittently. CNC milling tool holders is mainly used in processing plane, steps, grooves, chamfer, forming the work piece surface and cutting and so on.

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Our Advantages:
1)      Business Type:  Manufacturer, Factory.
ISO9001:2008, SGS.
2)      Advanced technology, HIP sintering and precision grinding to ensure the goods performance;
3)      100% Virgin pure Raw materials;
4)      Each product through the strict inspections and confirm to the requirements of the lab parameters;
5)      OEM & ODM are welcomed;
6)      Small order is acceptable;
7)      Flexible payment terms (L/C,T/T, western union, etc);
8)      Provide custom made service with customer's drawing; Other size could be offered by your requirements;
9)      We make sure to provide you with the best solutions for your individual case. Whether standard items or non-standard items all available;
10)  Fast delivery and high quality;
11)  Best after-sale service.
Tungsten Carbide Anti Vibration Boring Bar
Length Discharge L1Length Total
GradeDensity g/cm3T.R.S  MPaHardness HRAPerformance & Application recommended
 YL10.2 14.50340092.5 Qualified for low speed rough machining,milling,titanium alloy and refractory alloy,espercially for cut-off tool and sick prick.
 YG11C 14.402260 87.5Qualified for molding the drills for heavy-duty rock drill:detachable bits used for deep hole drilling,rock drill torlley etc.
 YG6X 14.901560 91.0Qualified for machiningof chilled cast iron,alloy cast iron,refractory steel ana alloy steel.Also qualified for the machining of common cast iron.
 YS2T 14.45280092.5Qualified for low speed rough machining,milling,titanium alloy and refractory alloy,espercially for cut-off tool and sick prick.
 YG15 14.10240086.5Used for punch dies,stamping dies and wear resistance parts.

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