LongJi damper ​sales elite in business

- Nov 29, 2016-

LongJi damper sales elite in business, summed up the customer more "color", the results will be better. In this small series to share with you. First, the expression, "hit off": - Wu Jingzi < rulinwaishi > seventeenth: "hit off, can make the reader to do business, overwhelmed with admiration for." we must practice their skills, to allow customers to chat with you have a feeling of listening to storytelling, with vivid, sound to the ups and downs, hit off, to the customer feel that although there is no buy, but by your description, he has to enjoy the purchase after feeling second, the relationship with the customer! "Split": remember, you have to pay the customer, just to help him better, improve the environment, therefore, you and the customer is completely equal in personality, you do not ask him, but not with him, the customer will Willing to make friends with him to provide effective solutions, will put in with his talent in the foot! Third, state ": customer, beam with joy" from your infection, you dead, you beam with joy, the customer the customer be sleepy straws, eager to your performance forever and your state is proportional to fourth! Open up, "driven by passion": customers have three parts, one part in the market, the other part in your company, where there is a part in the competition! Therefore, you do not go all out to develop the customer, the customer will flow to the opponent! The only way to improve the performance of it, is constantly open, bold, without afraid, customers can't eat you! Fifth, the interpersonal relationship "of every hue: please don't judge on the theory of customers, anyone can buy any products, customers can not afford to buy today, he does not represent the future Can not afford to buy, customers do not need, not on behalf of all his friends do not need, therefore, to do business with all kinds of people, to cultivate all kinds of customers!

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