Longji damper to build child-study-table with good quality

- Aug 17, 2016-

Longji damper to build child-study-table with good quality

Rotary damper is placed on the structure system of "special" component, and it can provide the resistance, reduce energy consumption devices. In the 1970 of the 20th century, the progressive damping technology transferred into buildings, bridges, railways and other structures, the rotary motion dampers are widely used in furniture.

What’s the effect of Hinge mounted rotary dampers? for example: If the wardrobe door installed dampers when you gently closed the door, door toward the direction of your glide, when there is a short distance away from the door frame will pause and then slow down, move slowly toward the door frame, and then closed completely, the slightest gap will remain. Does it feel amazing?

Similarly, the dampers are mainly used in the furniture on a door, window frame, to prevent switching too fast and cause damage to furniture, cushion the blow and prevent people from being injured inadvertently in the process of opening and closing, avoid switching noise impact through the process. Mechanical damper in the use of children in children's furniture such as desk, can be avoided in the child was injured and scratched, it was very important.

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