Soft Closing Rotary Damper Limiting Speed For Washer

- Oct 13, 2016-

We have a professional factory producing durable soft closing rotary damper for washer for limiting speed, welcome to wholesale soft closing rotary damper for washer for limiting speed made in China and get its free sample with us.

Type: LF-35

Title: soft closing rotary damper for washer for limiting speed


 Soft closing rotary damper is a vane damper, which can be used in the heavy washer cover; the unidirectional axis damper with the high adjustable torque can be applied in the toilet cover and all of the heavy cover. The damping power can be customized according to the

customers requirement.

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3.Technical DATA

A. Damping torque: 15-50kgfNaN


(1)Provide customized torque by changing viscosity of the damper grease (2)The nominal torque is measured value under temperature of 23℃,humidity of 80% when standard load falls off to 15°every second.

B. Damping direction: right or left (CCW/CW)

C. Construction size: Ø 20 mm

D. Operating temperature range: -20 °C to +70 °C

E. Rotation angle max. 110°

F. Outer body: Stainless steel

G. Shaft: POM

H. Damper oil: Silicone oil

4.Rotary Damper Hinge Advantages:

1. Abundant the introduction of Japanese production equipment and advanced technology.

2. Damping oil is silicone oil which damping function is stable when the machine temperature reaches from above 80 degree to below 10degree. And we buy the silicone oil from Japan.

3. Our damper life time can be used 50,000 times.

4. The damper had approved the ISO9001:2008and RoHS certification.

5. 100% products tested before delivery it.

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