Research and development of variable-damper-related knowledge

- Jul 12, 2016-

Development and development of variable-damper products has the following performance indicators:

1, air guide hole guide system is composed of the original valve system improvement for bi within the cylinder Groove guide ways. Through the use of steel wall Groove in the cylinder and the piston area of control, realization of piston rod out of the speed control, makes the product temperature and impact angle is very small, high and low temperature performance vastly improved valve system runs stable and force changes in a relatively small, large flip angle can be achieved.

2 choose functional materials. Guide sleeve from the original metal parts to PPS molding parts, little affected by temperature, reduce friction and reduce its running surface wear, improve wear resistance, and reduces production costs.

3, improved product surface treatment. Product surface from spray paint to water based impregnation process, integrating the world's advanced coating technology, design and adjustment processes, make the process easier, more energy-efficient, pollution-free, lower cost, more than twice times performance increase for corrosion and rust.

Piston rod by salt spray salt nitriding (QPQ) technology, making products with self-lubricity, high corrosion resistance up to 300 hours. Improved products, damping gently increases gradually to avoid impact, with extended service life, improved cylinder barrel fouling ability comprehensive advantages, such as the work environment.

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