Rotary damper

- Jul 12, 2016-

Rotary dampers make the product get smooth mechanical movement, improve product quality and longevity. Rotary dampers based on rotation speed and temperature changes in the environment, and torque are changed.

Single buffer and double buffer. Should be used in the computer CD drive, CD player in and out of the warehouse, laptop open, seat adjustment, cell phones clamshell, cassette tape boxes.


Damper based on rotation speed of rotation changes torque change. The pattern for: speed, the torque increases. Slow, torque is decreased. Differs from the standard torque starting torque.

Temperature characteristics

Rotary dampers according to changes in ambient temperature, torque is also changing. Variation: ambient temperature increases the torque decrease torque increases when the ambient temperature decreased. This is because when the ambient temperature changes the damper of viscous oil in viscosity change's sake. However, when the ambient temperature when returned to room temperature, torque will be restored to its original value.

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