Bi-directional rotary plastic mechanical damper

- Sep 01, 2016-


Title: Bi-directional rotary plastic mechanical damper

Type: LF-08A

1.Product usage :

Bi-directional rotary plastic mechanical damper can be applied on all kinds of home appliance, consumer electronic products and automobiles, High precise torque rotary damper makes products more valuable with the smooth motion control that brings from rotary damper. Plastic rotary damper can make soundless, and with the smooth motion control function that rotary damper brings, it can also extend the life of products.

2.Product drawing:  


a. Module: 0.8

b. Gear number: 11

c. Pitch circle diameter:8.8

d. Pressure angle:20°

e. The maximum rotation angle:360°

f. Torque range: 10-40N.m(

Note 1): Rated torque measured at a rotation speed of 2orpm at 23℃

     2):Torque can be customized by changing the oil viscosity.

     3):Can provide customized gear



Body and cap material: PC

Rotating shaft material:POM

Gear material:POM

Oil type:Silicone oil



♣Protect delicate electronics and extend the life of product by slowing down the speed to prevent lid and access panel closure damage.

♣High quality silicone oil sealing by ultrasonic tech, stable torque provided.

♣Associate with push latch to up grade the value of products.

♣Customized torque is accepted according to customer’s request.


 ♦Can be applied to drawer, sliding door, trash bin and small box of furniture.


6. Why Choose us:

· In-house tool manufacture, mold making

· Provide OEM&ODM service

· RoHs Approve

· Plastic processing machines

· More than 17 years experiences in manufacturing audio accessories

· Optimization of production processes and material input

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