Silicone oil------the key of rotary damper

- Aug 10, 2016-

 Silicone oil has unique properties that make it suitable for a wide variety of additional applications. This oil is well known for its thermal stability at extremely hot and cold temperatures. Unlike carbon-based oil, it is also a nonflammable liquid. This oil is odorless and tasteless and often used as an additive to other liquid materials. Its nontoxic properties allow it to be used for both food and pharmaceutical applications.

   Not only can it be use in the food, but also it can be used in the industrial. Silicone oil is the important item for oil rotary damper. Gear or vane rotary damper works by silicone oil. All the torque of silicone rotary damper is provided by the viscosity of silicone oil.

    The characteristics of tiny gear damper:

     A rotary damper's torque varies according to the ambient temperature. In addition, as shown in the graph to the right, the torque decreases as the ambient temperature increases, and the torque increases as the ambient temperature decreases.

    The torque of silicone damper is changeable as the result of the viscosity of oil. Silicone oil works a lot for plastic rotary dampers.

     Without silicone oil, rotary damper is nothing.


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