Skyscraper building gods ball: air damper

- Jul 12, 2016-

Proliferation of high-rise buildings in the world. Super high-rise building construction are fields of high-tech reflects structural design of the building is most important. To ensure safety, first of all have super anti-seismic ability. Must also be taken into account on the living comfort, in the event of large wind turbines can reduce the shaking of buildings. Therefore, known as "building gods ball" of wind dampers are widely apart.

In General, under normal air pressure, wind speed at the height of 10 m to 5 m/s, at a height of 90 meters, can be up to 15 m/s wind speed. Up to 300-400 meters, wind turbines will be even greater, when the wind speed is above 30 mph, Skyscraper Rock, people will feel uncomfortable.

Reduce the effect of wind on high-rise buildings in many ways, such as by changing the shape of the building, have an effect on wind. Latest technology progress is set at a super high-rise building named "air damper" device that can effectively reduce the Roach of wind on high-rise buildings shake. The essence of wind damper is a damping system vibration or energy dissipation devices.

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