The influence of rotary damper

- Aug 12, 2016-

Nowadays the rotary dampers are applied in the various walks of life ,such as home appliance, automotive application, and other application.

Silicone damper is in our daily life everywhere, such as the toilet seat. With installing the soft close rotary damper when we cover the lid, the lid will cover gently. Thus, the noise will reduce and the life of the product will be prolonged. What’s more, the vane rotary damper can avoid our hand hurting.

The influence of dampers can affect all the heavy cover. The rotary damper is so small, but it’s function is excellent.

For example, small gear rotary damper in car’s accessories. we can see many items in the car that used the dampers with gear. Thanks to the using of rotary dampers, the space of the car is so roomy.

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