The Story between Dampener and Rice cooker

- Aug 23, 2016-

In our daily life, rice cooker is necessary. The mainly reason is its convenience. And the pressure cooker is now used less and less.

With the demand of rice cooker becoming higher and higher, there are more and more manufacturers. The competition of market is technology’s competition. The manufacturer try their best to increase the grade of their product. And the rotary damper is their first choice.

Rotary damper is one of its important parts. Installing the uni-directional vane damper, The cover of rice cooker will drop slowly and quietly. Meanwhile, this damper doesn’t increase the gravity during the movement of opening.

The usage of rotating damper make the grade of the product improved, the value of the product  increased, and the life of the product extended.

Apart from the rice cooker, The dashpots also applied in many other home appliance, such as ash cart, washing machine, coffee machine, hidden socket, and so on.

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