Tiny gear damper

- Aug 29, 2016-


Long Ji is a skilled manufacturer of dampeners; our tiny rotary dampers provide smooth speed and motion control. Rotary dampers are designed to decrease the speed of movement; this allows faster cycle rates, increased product’s life, and higher production rates while reducing maintenance expenses.



Gear number

Pitch circle

Pressure angle

The maximum rotation angle

Torque range






1-8.0N.m  (10-80gfNaN)



Axle core /Gear

Sealing ring

Damping oil



Silica gel

Silicone oil

Rotary Damper Usage
our rotary dampers apply to Auto Sound clamshell, sitting WC pan clamshell, hospital bed and other electronic clamshell products. It reduces the noises during the using process of the above products, advances the products level, and express the products humanity concept.

Rotary Damper Basic Principles
the torque made by the damping oil to the rotating parts cohesion effect is the resistance. The value of the resistance is decided by the viscosity and contact area is bigger, the resistance is bigger, and vice versa.

Rotary Damper Resistance and The Testing Method
In the production testing under normal 27.5 degree, put the rotary damper on the axis rotating in a speed of 36r/min, and the resistance in the 3rd rotate is the standard one. Commonly, the resistance can be adjusted from 50g to 250g.

we have got ISO9001 & ISO14001 Quality Environmental Management System Certificates, and also through the ROHS.

Good Quality

Competitive Price

Superior after-sale service


Widely applied in all kinds of chairs, auto/ vehicle CD, mirrors, vehicle ashtray, garbage can, toilet cover, furniture drawer, cabinet , sound, cup holder, handle, card box, overhead sunglasses holder clothes holder ,handle , fuel tank cap, storage compartment, roller blind, small-to-midsize boxes, flexible and slid able products. Create smooth movement an damping in application, effectively reduce noise and highly upgrade product level

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