TRD-N1 Rotary Damper Used in Kitchen and Bathroom Product, RoHS

- Sep 24, 2016-

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Part:Dampers

  • Position:Rear

Product Description
Model Max. Torque Reverse torque Damping direction
TRD-N1-R103 1 N. M (10kgf. Cm) 0.2 N. M(2kgf. Cm) Clockwise
TRD-N1-L103 1 N. M (10kgf. Cm) 0.2 N. M(2kgf. Cm) Counter-clockwise
TRD-N1-R203 2 N. M (20kgf. Cm) 0.4 N. M(4kgf. Cm)Clockwise
TRD-N1-L203 2 N. M (20kgf. Cm) 0.4 N. M(4kgf. Cm)Counter-clockwise
TRD-N1-R303 3 N. M (30kgf. Cm) 0.8 N. M (8kgf. Cm)Clockwise
TRD-N1-L303 3 N. M (30kgf. Cm) 0.8 N. M (8kgf. Cm)Counter-clockwise

Note) Measured at 23° C± 2° C
*Max. Angle 110°
*Operating temperature -5-50° C
*Weight 12± 1g
*Body and cap material Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)
*Rotating shaft material Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS)
*Oil type Silicone oil
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