Tuned mass damper

- Jul 12, 2016-

In response to the high altitude and strong winds caused by Typhoon blows shaking. Building sets "tuned mass damper" (tuned mass damper, also known as "tuned mass damper"), is between 88 and 92/f, hung a huge steel ball weighing 660 metric tons, using swing to slow the shaking of buildings. According to Taipei 101 Billboard puts it, this is also the world's only open visitors to watch the giant damper, is currently the world's largest damper.

Taipei 101, the "mega-structure" (megastructure), outside of the building's four respectively two pillars, a total of eight pillars, each section 3 meters long and 2.4 meters wide and 90 from basement 5 through to the ground floor, columns filled with high density concrete, the outer plate coated. Taiwan is located in an earthquake zone, in the context of the Taipei basin, and there are three small faults, to the construction of Taipei 101, the architectural design must be able to prevent earthquake damage. And Taiwan every summer by the formation of typhoons in the Pacific, shock-proof and windproof Taipei 1012 architecture needed to overcome the problem. In order to assess the impact of earthquakes on Taipei 101, Chen Dousheng, a geologist began probing the site near the site of the geological structure, drilling, 4th finds from the Taipei 101 about 200 meters there is a 10 m thick fault. Based on the information provided, earthquake engineering research center of Taiwan Province is established models of different sizes, to simulate an earthquake occurs, the complex situations that may occur. In order to increase the flexibility of the building to avoid the devastation caused by earthquakes, Taipei 101 's Center is staffed by a perimeter of 8 bar pillar.

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