Wardrobe damper effect

- Jul 12, 2016-

Use wardrobe knows, wardrobe doors easy to hit the side plate and bounced back, leaving little easy drilling of cockroaches what small animal, and damper importance here.

Now, the door has already implemented full-scale damping can completely solve the problem of lax closed. When the door is just a slight push, when the door is 5cm from the side panel will slow automatically folding the edge, and then closed. And put his hand on the side plate waiting to be self-closing doors "clip", discovered that in fact it's not pain, not dangerous. Door will automatically close the tip on the sliding door is equipped with a damper; wardrobe metal uses the same color metal, seamless look.

Because Rails add a damper on, the next track, of course, no setup Locator no Locator tracks, push and pull up more smoothly, also under the protection of a pulley to prevent jumping onto the tracks. Rail is under Groove, easy contamination into foreign objects likely to cause jumping onto the tracks, note that also for this reason the lower rail and jumping onto the tracks are easily, so do not install the Locator, modified dampers!

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