Analysis Of Advantages And Disadvantages Of Silk-Screen Printing Machine And Cold Transfer Printing Machine

- Aug 26, 2017-

              Screen printing and heat transfer printing is different, screen printing needs to use ink, and hot painting is used to transfer paper and hot drawing. Screen printing is the most applied t-shirt printing technology, 90% of T-shirts are screen printing, screen printing technology is relatively complex, mainly design, out of film, print, printing, drying several steps. Screen color printing, simply speaking is a T-shirt design if there are red, yellow, blue three colors, it needs to print three version, each color a version, the domestic majority is spot color printing. Screen printing can be divided into: slurry printing, paste printing, printing ink. Screen printing by adding some special materials, there will be different printing effect, to meet the special needs of customers.Silk-Screen Printing Machine

               Screen printing is the use of ink on the screen, with plastic scraping up, the following placed on the printed cloth, computer automatic screen printing can be completed automatically ink, printing the entire process. Advantages: Suitable for mass production. Disadvantages: Feel less soft than inkjet products, color can not be too much, and needs to color, such as the effect of gradient colors can not be reflected;Silk-Screen Printing Machine

               What is "transfer paper"? Transfer paper can be hot stamping patterns with inkjet printer output, and then printed on the clothes. Mainly divided into light-colored transfer paper and dark transfer paper. Light transfer paper suitable for printing white and other light-colored clothes; Dark transfer paper suitable for black and other dark clothing. Hot paper is already printed on the pattern, to be printed when the direct transfer can be, there are a variety of printed patterns can be selected.

               Other types of printing machines are operating must produce high-temperature to be printed, the cold transfer printing machine is relative. Cold transfer printing is one of the most advanced fabric printing technologies in the world at room temperature fixing color, low energy consumption and low pollution emission, and also a "great revolution" in textile and garment printing and dyeing industry.Silk-Screen Printing Machine

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