Application Of Small Rotary Dampers In Life

- Aug 04, 2017-

     With these years of social and economic progress, people have more and more attention to the requirements of material life, even the seat has been updated several times, high-end leisure seats also appear in the eyes of the general public, however, we must pay attention to the purchase when there is a rotary damper installed, we all know that the new seats are now equipped with lifting function, can let us relax in the leisure and physical and psychological, the user's favor, but if there is no assembly damper, then need to be careful, Because the speed is too fast will give rise and fall the process of security risks, in the leisure time, I believe that everyone is unwilling to accept, and the role of the damper is to let you steadfast, no worries about the enjoyment of life.Small Rotary Dampers
    With the improvement of people's living standards, a variety of household products into the tens of thousands of households, for our daily life brought a lot of convenience, but bring convenience at the same time for the family security has brought hidden dangers, especially children have a family, some need to have a cushion function if the device does not install the Rotary damper will give the child's safety impact, such as door, toilet cover, cupboard doors and other products, good children like to get the door, cupboard door, because the reaction is not, cause the clip injuries occur. Door, closet door, cupboard door and other installation of damping parts, closing resistance will increase, the speed of the door movement will slow down, to a certain extent, to protect the child, to prevent clip injury.Small Rotary Dampers
    A small boy's family should be replaced with a lightweight, with damping speed device of the toilet circle, usually the toilet seat lap up, even if the sudden fall will be very slow, so as not to hurt the boy's genitals. In addition, the storage of scissors, sewing and other sharp objects of the drawer should be installed lock, take the goods after the lock in time, so as not to bring unnecessary harm to children, thus, to protect home safety, rotary damper is an indispensable a parts.Small Rotary Dampers
    A lot of children's furniture will be decorated with shiny aluminum edges to prevent cuts however, most of the metal edge is more sharp, children's skin is more delicate, it is likely to touch the hand is scratched, now children's furniture aluminum edge design is gradually used less, more to use adhesive edge. And some as the framework supporting the metal, the sharp angle should be to the inside, as far as possible to reduce the child's touch.Small Rotary Dampers

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