Auditorium Seat Rotary Damper

- May 12, 2017-

Auditorium seat rotary damper designed specifically for auditorium seats, seat flip can slow down with the good quality damper hinge.Rotary damper ‘s resistance size can be customized according to customer requirements, so that the seat turnover speed to achieve a chair balance, improve customer experience sense;

And the rotary damper can be installed easily, as long as the fixed side ear hole, the middle of the bearing, can play a buffering role;

Seat damper inside with the Japanese imported damping oil, which can resist temperature ,and can adapt to a variety of harsh environment; Damper shape can be based on customer product design.

Rotary damper is a kind of factory sourcing

This product to sale directly to the Customer factory to ensure the original authentic, please look for Dongguan Longyi plastic Company, many purchases favorably guaranteed the lowest price nationwide.

About Dimensions

You can according to your product structure and different functions, different range of use, for you to customize different sizes and different resistance values of various dampers.

Details of ITU: 0769-89145676.

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