Automotive Interior Damper

- May 03, 2017-

Automotive interior damper is a kind of  two-way small gear rotary damper, the specific application are in the car glasses box, storage box, ashtray, handle, sound, etc., through the damper to reduce the torsion spring elasticity, to improve the quality of the product.

There are many series small gear rotary damper can be used in automotive car ,such as LF-23,LF-20,lf-26...,which they have gears can  work with torsional spring to slow down the cover's  dropping speed.The present invention relates to an actuator for automotive  damper, and more particular to an actuator for automotive damper with a new structure which allows a precise control on the flow of the air supplied in the indoor space of a car and which is improved in durability. The actuator for automotive air duct damper according to the invention, includes a driving motor and a power transmitting mechanism for transmitting the torque of the driving motor to a damper, said power transmitting mechanism being provided at its final stage with the damper for opening and closing air duct, wherein said actuator further comprises a rotary member provided on a free end of the rotation shaft of the driving motor, and an optical sensor disposed so as to interact with the rotary member.

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