Barrel Rotary Damper Takes You Through The Details Of The Damper.

- Sep 01, 2017-

     Damper is a device that provides movement resistance and consumes energy. The use of damping to absorb energy absorption is not a new technology, in aerospace, aviation, military, guns, automobiles and other industries have already applied a variety of dampers (or shock absorbers) to reduce energy dissipation. Barrel Rotary Damper

     Since the the 1970s, people began to gradually switch these technologies to construction, bridges, railways and other structural projects, its development is very rapid. In particular, the more than 50-year-old hydraulic viscous damper, in the United States by the structural engineering sector before acceptance, experienced a lot of experiments, rigorous review, repeated argumentation, especially the long process of earthquake test.Barrel Rotary Damper

     A device that can quickly stop the movable part of the instrument in a stable deflection position. In the seismic instrument, the damper is used to absorb the intrinsic vibration energy of the vibrating system, and its damping force is generally proportional to the velocity of the vibrating system. The main liquid damper, gas damper and electromagnetic damper three categories. The damper plays an important role in compensating for the small friction and air resistance in the pendulum system and improving the frequency response.Barrel Rotary Damper

     Damper is also called damping device. A device for increasing damping caused by the vibration of a shock that quickly decays. The ideal damper has an oil damper. Commonly used oil has silicone oil, castor oil, mechanical oils, diesel oil, oil, transformer oil, its form can be made into plate, piston, cone, cone, etc. Other solid viscous dampers, air dampers and friction dampers are available. According to the practical need of vibration isolation design, the damping ratio d=0.05~0.2 range is best.Barrel Rotary Damper

    The least controversial of these structural protection systems is the use of dampers to absorb the unpredictable seismic energy. Using damping to absorb energy damping is not a new technology, in aerospace, military, guns, automobiles and other industries have already applied a variety of dampers to reduce energy dissipation.Barrel Rotary Damper

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