Barrel Rotary Damper The Design Concept

- May 25, 2017-

One of the advantages of Barrel Rotary Damper is that friction powder and brake disc friction will soon be thrown out of the powder, the heat will be more quickly out of the brake disc, which can get better braking performance. Barrel Rotary Damper While drum brakes are clearly weaker in this respect. As the disc brake response quickly, the ability to do high-frequency braking action, so many cars using disc brakes and ABS systems and VSC, TCS and other systems to meet the needs of such systems need to operate quickly. Barrel Rotary Damper For these reasons, and in order to obtain large braking capacity, many cars are equipped with four wheel disc brakes. Some models in the brake calipers will install a damper, it can be effective in the braking process to control the noise, Barrel Rotary Damper the noise mainly from the brake pads and brake disc friction between the vibration generated, and the installation of the damping This part of the vibration can be resolved. Barrel Rotary Damper Rotary damper is the use of brake transmission mechanism to brake shoes to brake friction plate on the inside, resulting in braking force, according to the need to slow down the wheel or stop within a short distance to ensure traffic safety and to protect the car parked Reliable can not be automatically slipped. Barrel Rotary Damper The rotating element of the drum brake is the brake drum, the fixing element is the brake shoe; its cost, and conforms to the traditional design.

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