Barrel Rotary With High Quality

- Feb 10, 2017-

Rotary barrel damper, it looks like a barrel or bucket, and it is a uni-directional rotary damper.

Product main features: 1. SAFE: Protect delicate electronics and extend the life of your product by helping to prevent lid and access panel closure damage. 
2. SILENT: Obtain the superior noise suppression, resulting in that touch of quality.
3. STABLE: Perform a stable performance for over 50000 cycles by means of the reliable quality.
4. SMOOTH: Enable products to function with a smooth and elegant mechanical motion.
5. Quality guarantee: ISO9001: 2008RoHS directive
6. 100% product test the damper effort performance
Test life of 100000 or more, to ensure life 50000 times or more, According to the customer request can arrive 100000 times.
7. Material:
Damping oil is the imported silicone oil with good heat resistance, The damping force does not fall after continuous many times action, The damping effect remain very well
8. Workmanship:
Special cover welding equipment, ensure welding accuracy,
 Precision of welding directly affect the accuracy of the inner cavity space. Guarantee seal closely beautiful 
High strength, rigidity
High mechanical properties
High resistance performance
---More reliable and more durable

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