Bathroom Sanitary Ware Rotary Damper

- Mar 01, 2017-

Long Ji, has cooperated with many factories of bathroom tools, and get a good feedback .Our products are in perfectly in accordance with their demands, they demands us to cooperate with them with a long time. we would try our best to service for them.

In our workshop, from injection molding to the assembly department, one services, many

 employees work together to produce the most proper damper to meet the requirements.

In order to meet the requirements of cooperated factory, we will insistently try.

Actually used the damper of bathroom, such as on the toilet cover, making the lid falls slowly, if such little children sit on it, won't hurt themselves. And make the product look elegant and high-level ,also improve the product price.

Our factory directly sales, price is cheap.

Please call the company business side: 0769-89145676

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