Belt Damped Wheel Quality And Successful Research And Development, The Effect Is Very Good

- Jul 12, 2016-

In modern automobile engines, not only using belt-driven generator, engine accessories such as air conditioning compressors, fans, even need strict phase relation with crankshaft camshaft using damping roller drive. Annex to the belt drive systems are usually installed in front of the engine on the surface, each attachment is installed on the shaft skin damp wheel, used to receive some form of belt drive power. In the early days of the system, each Annex consists of annex systems run between crankshaft and single damped wheel drive. But due to belt technology improved, now single serpentine belt is usually used in most applications. In subsidiary parts alternate between single serpentine belt damper pulley drives the attachment. Because serpentine belts must bypass all attachment, so usually it use belt longer than before. Single serpentine belt uses the engine of synchronous reset and more compact than ever before, and greatly save cost, efficiency is high. But at the same time, snake-like tension with normal working hours should be scheduled when running, elongated and slightly more than the length of the belt, this will lead to decreased belt tension, possibly causing the belt to slip, but when using single pass may be caused because of the longer length for one band more serious belt slipping. Therefore, in belt use during use belt damper pulley wheel to maintain proper belt tension is essential for damped gear train components.

When the belt damper pulley operation, running belt jitter may provoke vibrations damping spring. These vibrations does not want, because they can lead to premature wheel wear belts and damping. Therefore, the added damping mechanism of damping roller wheel to suppress vibrations generated in the operation. In order to maintain proper belt tension to prevent belt slippage, compensate for belt wear and elongation after aging, damping roller wheels are essential components, are now used widely in the damping of automobile wheel structure and principles are many and varied

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