Blade Type Damper

- Dec 19, 2016-

Blade type damper is a kind of  one-way damper,when I  contact with many customers ,they can not understand the meaning of one-way and two-way damper, Dongguan Longji Plastics Co. Ltd. told to our customers here, one-way damper means damper resistance is one-way damper such as toilet cover ,toilet cover is to reduce the rate of decline, as long as the decline the resistance is good, when opened without resistance; two is two-way direction have resistance. For example: the lid of the coffee pot, when opened, do not want it too fast, but when the drop off also have resistance, this is two direction to resistance, so it is necessary to with two-way damper. Page type is a one-way rotary damper damper applications more widely, the sales range was very wide. The one-way damper is There are both advantages and disadvantages for bidirectional dampers. 

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