Brief Introduction To The Development Of Damper:

- Jan 14, 2017-

As we all know, the free vibration attenuation of various friction and other obstacles, we called damping. And placed in the system of "special" components can provide the movement resistance device, motion energy depletion, we called the damper. The damping to damping is not what the new technology in the aerospace. Aviation, military, guns, dampers, automotive and other industries already a wide variety of applications (or shock absorber) to vibration energy dissipation. Since 1970s, people began to put these technologies to buildings, bridges, railways and other structural engineering, its development is very rapid. Especially the hydraulic viscous damper with a history of more than and 50 years in the United States, previously accepted structural engineering, experienced a large number of experiments, strict examination, repeated demonstration, especially the long process of the earthquake. The following process is shown in the process, summarize Its development in the United States: in aerospace, aviation, military, machinery and other industries widely used in decades of successful application of the history of last century. Beginning in 80s made a lot of experiments in the United States. Two earthquake research center and other units, published dozens of articles on paper. In 90s, the National Science Foundation and Institute of civil engineering and other units organized two large-scale joint, comparative tests made by the third, given authoritative test reports, professors and engineers for reference. Based on the above results in almost all relevant institutions, regulatory review, and the provisions of the measures. The application must bring management through hundreds of structural engineering applications. These structures, successfully gone through the earthquake, wind and other disasters, very successful. 

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