Buffet Damper

- May 03, 2017-

Buffet damper

Nowadays, the culture between West and East began to combine and transfer, in china, more and more western restaurants were built. In these restaurants, buffet is the most necessary vessel of which is the symbol in these restaurant. Buffy was expensive, it looks elegant and beautiful if you put food on the buffet. But do you know the cover of buffet is really heavy? It is easy to hit people seriously! It is really important to install buffer damper on the buffet. Because of the rotary damper, it is reduced the force of free fall, slowly slowing down, safe and elegant.

LongJi factory designs and produces 36 kinds of gear dampers. They serve for many different products. Such as, rotary damper for toilet seat cover, barrel damper used in automobiledamper for household appliance.

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