BYD Plant Damping Roller Productivity Rapid

- Jul 12, 2016-

Each vehicle must go through here workers helped "touch" line only after detection. Surprising is that manual process very efficient: workers assemble 4 damping roller, only takes a minute ... ...

The Changsha exploration camp BYD factory tour is divided into two parts, first visited K9 bus lines, second, into its new plant in Changsha construction phase, understand the production process of traditional passenger cars.

Single production car plants are kits stamping, welding and assembling of vehicles, full car painting and car assembling, but separately entered after BYD's new and old two plants in Changsha, some details so that we have a more comprehensive understanding of BYD.

Old shop "new" banner

Many new energy car factory workshop, damping roller, mystical vision battery. But the fact that BYD K9 coach craft workshop without new energy-intensive to operate the robot arm, the most automated equipment are just a few of the arm, the plate used to carry passenger cars. Here and "new energy", "high tech" side of things, distributed in the Interior roads of banners and billboards. Top tips on energy saving, it is written by the communications group and the workers of the factory.

This is a simple damping roller production line, acts as a General in the Chinese industrial production function, except that it assembled, production, are pure electric bus.

BYD plant in Changsha's new base is mainly responsible for the production of passenger cars. Plant staff uniform consists of blue, red and two blue-uniformed employees responsible for the station, red of the full-time position for quality inspection.

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