Car Backrest Seat Damper

- May 16, 2017-

The car becomes convenient transport in the modern life, and many people take the car as another home, when tired ,they would have a rest through put off the whole part. At the same time ,there is a problem that the seat is so heavy, whether or not will smash goods in the car? Therefore, it is necessary to buffer to avoid being destroyed for the goods in the car.

Generally speaking ,seat should be installed a set of rotational damper withstand gravity drops, but there are many manufacturers with high requirement, not only mount damper on the seat,  but install dampers on the cushion , so that they can reflect the car's grade.we produced rotary damper about 20years with a wealth of production experience. We do no have the customer who is the manufacturer of the type of car seat ,but we coopreated with auditorium seats factories. In  fact, the characters are the same. the auditorium seat is installed the spring damper and  the cushion spring upward thrust elastic, while the car seat load damper is the cushion seat gravity drop speed. How to calculate the torque required for seats or cushions? In fact, with the toilet seat damper torque calculation is the same, as long as the weight of the seats and the length of the arm, we have professionals to help the majority of customers to calculate the most accurate torque. Then let me introduce you to the specific performance of the damper:

The function of the damper is to buffer the object.

Damper is used to generate torsion by damping oil, so the torque size and damping oil viscosity are closely related.

The direction of the damper has a one-way and two-way point, one-way means that only one side has torque, two-way is two directions are resistance;

Damper main application: toilet cover, washing machine cover plate, dishwasher cover plate, washing machine cover plate, medical equipment, audio equipment, printer equipment, automotive interiors and so on, which contains the lid rails need to have cushioning things can be installed the Secretary damper.

5.Damper installation, different types of dampers have different installation mode, the pinion is through the fixed base, gear and tooth bite to work, while the blade damper is fixed at the bottom, then rotating the axis can produce resistance.

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