Characteristics Of Small Rotary Dampers

- Jul 03, 2017-

              Rotary Type Damper Features: The change of rotational speed of this kind of accessory will directly affect the torsion of the torque. The law in practice is like this: the actual use of the speed increase, directly affect the torque parameter rise. The actual use of the slow speed, directly affect the torque parameter decline. There is a big difference between the starting torque and the previous label.Small Rotary Dampers

               The type of accessories according to the use of ambient temperature will also have a relatively large change, torque also changed. Features: When the external temperature is raised, the torque decreases and the external temperature decreases and the torque increases. This occurs because of changes in the viscosity of the oil in the same kind of accessory when ambient temperature is changed. However, when the external temperature of this kind of accessory in the system tends to normal, the torque will revert to its original state.Small Rotary Dampers

               It is important to note that the Rotary type damper is only one of the categories in this category, and that there are many other categories of products available for enterprise selection in actual enterprise use, which are suitable for use in different requirements systems although the essential effect of the difference is not very large, but according to the different categories of accessories, the use of the working system of different environmental differences, in the day-to-day maintenance and maintenance process to pay attention to different details, only targeted to protect, The use of such accessories is guaranteed, although the precision of such parts is not very high, but because of its characteristic principle, if not concerned about the maintenance problem, such accessories in the system use of the probability of failure will still be high, once the failure of the first time to find, and its related system components will be affected, the general state of the component will have serious wear and tear, serious cases will cause the entire device system can not be used, The direct economic loss caused by this condition is larger.Small Rotary Dampers

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