Characteristics Of Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

- Sep 01, 2017-

     Rotary damper in life and work, we are more common, it is suitable for a variety of mechanical movement needs to buffer a device to alleviate friction between equipment, prolong the service life of the product. What are the characteristics and how it works?Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

     The rotary damper enables the goods to obtain the steep mechanical movement, promotes the product the quality and the stature. There is one-way buffering and bidirectional buffering. Apply to the computer optical drive, CD player in and out of the warehouse, notebook computer opening and closing, seat conditioning, mobile phone flip, cassette cartridges and so on.

     Speed, rotating damper According to the change of the rotational speed, the torque also changed. The change law is as follows: The speed is increased and the torque is increased. The speed slows and the torque drops. The torque differs from the standard torque when starting. The temperature characteristic, the rotary damper according to the use ambient temperature change, the torque also has the change. Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

     The change rule is as follows: when the ambient temperature increases, the torque decreases and the ambient temperature decreases. This is because the viscosity of the viscous oil in the damper changes as the ambient temperature changes. However, when the ambient temperature is restored to normal temperature, the torque is restored to its original value.

     One advantage of disc braking is that the powders produced by friction pads and brake discs will soon be thrown out, and the heat will be sent out faster by the brake discs, thus allowing for better braking performance. The drum brakes are obviously relatively weak in this respect. Because of the rapid response of disc brakes and the ability to do high frequency braking, many cars use disc brakes and ABS systems, as well as VSC and TCS systems to meet the need for rapid operation of such systems.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

    For these reasons, and in order to obtain a large braking capacity, many cars are fitted with four-wheel brakes. Some models in the brake caliper will install a damper, it can be effective in the braking process of the noise control, this noise mainly comes from the brake pads and brake disc friction between the vibration, and the addition of the damper can be part of this vibration to resolve.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

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