Damper, Solve The Speed

- Mar 28, 2017-

Modern society, traffic accidents happens frequently, the cause of the accident is usually because  the driver's driving speed is too fast.
The accident, falling objects is also very common, the reason usually is not the size of the object, but the speed, under the influence of gravity, caused great damage. How terrible these accidents is, "speed" has a great factors. when speed reach a height, the consequences are unimaginable.
Like when I was a child, for example, because of my naughty, put my finger into a fan inside, because the fan speed is very fast.
So my pinkie is horrible, bleeding.
So, solve speed, can prevent accidents.
Most for this reason, the buffer born, in cars, rotary damper can be applied in automobile shake hands handle, glove box , car glasses box, car trash can.Here, the shock absorber plays a key role, reduce the speed of the lid, "folder " problem has been solved.
Science and technology can solve many problems, if you want to mount damper for their products, can call our business insider: 0769-89145676.

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