Dampers Are Sold To Every Core Of The World

- Feb 27, 2017-

Damper, now has become a very high demand for the factory of each home plant products, because only the installation of dampers, all kinds of home products can be higher grade, which can get a broader and larger market

The role of the damper is to reduce the speed of falling objects, to prevent the object of a huge impact sound, reduce noise, protect the goods, in order to achieve high grade display

The main products include: household appliances (kettle, rice cooker, washing machine, invisible socket, etc.), as well as some of the larger household items, such as fireplaces, shelves and so on

The application range of the damper is very wide, the toilet lid, lid of washing machine, motor rotation speed, piano rack, CD box, seat flip, navigator, covers all walks of life items.

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