Damping Faults Caused By Slow Fall Away

- Aug 11, 2016-

                   Damping faults caused by slow fall away

Recently , my father found the toilet lid did not slow down even produce the noise when he close the toilet lid. Heard from one of his friends that the damping disappeared, why did the oil damper disappeared? What is the principle? 

In our daily life ,the damper hinge fault cause the slow drop disappear. Slow down small damper seat to give you a good life. Currently ,the market sold the slow-down –toilet seat relatively common. Slow down seat cover and cushion s’ principle is mainly installed damper device and cover joints. Dampers are filled with oils, there is a similar device fell rotating impeller, due to oil resistance of the impeller turning slowly, slowly falling, namely the slow down effect. Use tiny rotary damper disappeared after a period of time can have the following two main reasons: one is the damper mounting position of  cover loose from the connecting shaft; second, the damper seal failure, leakage of silicone oil. We should be taken to avoid forcing open seat and cover. The best way to find a professional repair personnel for maintenance and replacement is that you should protect the toilet seat.

Dongguan Longji Plastic Electronic CO.,LTD has manufactured the rotary dampers for 17 years. The company is experienced in manufacturing the rotary dampers used in different shapes of lids. We can make the rotary dampers according to customers’need.

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