Damping Roller For Guangzhou Tower Waist Finer

- Jul 12, 2016-

"The waist smaller, lower the building's strength, design fine one meter, will add 2000 to 4000 tons of steel. "Mark said. As a "fine" of a structure known, people began to hope she is fine, fine, initially, designers want to fine, and later owners want to fine, but to a certain extent, and there are security problems, which requires architects, owners and engineers carefully to reach a balance between the three parties.

So, waistlines have been changing, decided very late, but the problems one by one. To easy construction, composition outside box tube of 24 root steel column was is design into, rough of tube-like, but owners hope pillars can more beautiful some, so pipe of weight and was to gradient type of, pillars bottom of diameter is 2 meters, top diameter is 1.2 meters, this on requirements each paragraph pipe above and following of diameter poor only several mm, this need very precision of design and construction.

A bigger challenge from nature, high tower in Guangzhou, in the physical sense, and an isolated giant mast is no different, it first of all to the threat of hurricanes. Subtropical in the deep South, are various hurricanes come every year, Guangzhou in the hurricane's path. Due to the asymmetric structure of Tower, wind environment is very complex, often 6 wind pressure on the ground, to the top of the Tower may be 10 more.

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