Detail Performance Of Small Rotary Dampers

- Sep 22, 2017-

     A new phase change material. It is a magnetic particle suspension which is composed of a small (micron or even nanometer) soft magnetic particle and a non conductive magnet liquid, which is made up of high permeability and low hysteresis. When there is no magnetic field, the suspended particulate iron particles move freely with the liquid Small Rotary Dampers

    When the magnetic field is applied, the suspended particulate iron particles are attracted to each other, forming a chain of chains from one pole to the other, at which time the magnetorheological fluid becomes a plastic body or a viscoelastic body with a certain yield shear stress at a fraction of a millisecond.Small Rotary Dampers

    When changing the current in a magnetic coil to obtain a magnetic field of different intensities, the yield shear stress of magnetorheological fluid is also changed, that is, under the action of strong magnetic field, the shearing shear force is very large, which exhibits high viscosity and low fluidity, and exhibits low viscosity under 0 magnetic field conditions. 

    The shear yield strength and the magnetic field strength (or current size) have a stable corresponding relationship. It is the rheological controllability of magnetorheological fluids that can realize the continuous variable of damping force, thus achieving the active control of vibration.Small Rotary Dampers

   Magnetorheological fluids belong to the frontier technology of international research and have wide application prospects in the fields of vehicles, machinery, aerospace, ships and buildings. Magnetorheological fluid technology is increasingly applied to vibration active control and torque transmission occasions, such as impact absorber, anti-vibration damper, car suspension system, large-scale construction of the seismic isolation device, clutch, flexible fixture, optical device polishing, and even in the medical field, artificial prosthetic limb also uses magnetorheological fluid technology.Small Rotary Dampers

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