Dongguan Longji Rotary Damper

- Jan 10, 2017-

Dongguan Longji damper popular furniture, bathroom, kitchen utensils, appliances, modern people's house at a glance is that these items, and these items can not decide what appearance. Clients are especially important to use things at home experience, especially with the box lid for a class of things, because when using the such things, inadvertently issued a bang when sound, will affect the mood of the customer, the internal structure is more likely to destroy the object, let the customer have to spend money to repair, more important is the customer will leave a very bad impression on your products. Dongguan Longji damper is to solve your products and grades the problem of life at small rotary damper as a main classification of Dongguan Longji three categories: gear damper, vane damper, damper cylinder. 

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