Factory Direct Fan Damper

- Mar 13, 2017-

In modern society, the living environment of increasingly high demand, the application of damper has been developed to the various types of household products, especially cover appliances. Naturally, the gravity thing there will be need to buffer.

Recently, many manufacturers are in the design of new projects, new products in order to reflect the higher grades, are required to use the rotary damper, and the damper manufacturers Dongguan Longji is a leader in the production of rotary damper design, manufacturers naturally find Dongguan Longji manufacturers. Today, there is a customer to electrical appliances manufacturers in Foshan, they will need to use the damper the electric fan, mainly to the fan damper to buffer the fan speed down to protect the fan, which can prolong the service life of the fan. In the average household electric fan work form is swaying, the manufacturer of innovative design on the swing, to provide people more life like this convenience.

In the installation of electric fan damper also encountered a difficult problem to solve, is the life of life standard of rotary damper, damper is 3-5 million times, manufacturers worry our damper can not meet the requirements they want in life, our engineering to the engineers and manufacturers responsible person explained, face to face the test of our damper is how to test and detection of our life damper damper quality. Finally, the manufacturer of the electric fan page to start the installation of our one-way rotary damper were tested.

Our recommendation to the manufacturers of the damper model is LF-18D standard shaft torque range is in 5-25kgf.cm, Dongguan Longji Plastics Co. Ltd. will serve in the most professional production of damper for you, if necessary, please consult the Dongguan damper manufacturers business line: 0769-89145676