Full Rotary Letterpress Printing Machine

- Aug 26, 2017-

             This machine is using photosensitive resin soft version as the printing plate, commonly known as "aniline printing machine." Suitable for printing polyethylene, poly plastic bags, cellophane, web and other packaging materials, food paper packaging, supermarket handbags, horse folder bags, clothing bags and other packaging ideal printing equipment.Full Rotary Letterpress Printing Machine

             Performance and Characteristics: 1, easy to operate, start soft, set accurate. 2, the counts can be set according to the requirements of printing quantity, to the number of automatic downtime, cut off the automatic shutdown. 3, pneumatic take-off and landing plate cylinder, after the lifting ink automatic stirring. 4, Anilox roller ink, uniform ink. 5, reliable drying system, with high-speed operation, shutdown automatic circuit. 6, 360 degrees of continuous adjustable longitudinal version of the device. 7, the frequency conversion speed, adapts the different printing speed. 8, the version of the roller seat and the receiving rack are loaded with a bit of movement and stop button, easy to install the machine control. 9, unwinding tension is controlled by magnetic powder brake, winding tension is controlled by magnetic powder clutch.

             A machine that uses a letterpress for printing. Printing version of the part of the projection, higher than the blank part of the text (such as movable version, stereotyping, etc.). Printing, will be printed in a printing plate cylinder or plate, in the layout of the graphic part of the printing ink, and then paper, pressure, so that the printing ink transfer to paper, and finally through the paper collection device will printed heap good.Full Rotary Letterpress Printing Machine

             Since 1438 the German J. Gutenberg invented the 1th spiral hand-wrench wooden printing machine, has developed a variety of structural type letterpress printing presses, the variety has hundreds of kinds, in the entire printing industry occupies a larger proportion. The main structure of the paper, to ink, printing, 4 parts of the paper. Press printing form is divided into flat pressure flat (flat press) printing machine, round flat (platform) printing presses, round press round (rotary) presses 3 categories, according to the use of paper, divided into one sheet of paper and Web printing machine 2; Press 1 times the number of printed faces is divided into single-sided and double-sided printing presses.Full Rotary Letterpress Printing Machine

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