Gear Damper –the Favorite Damper

- Aug 15, 2016-

Gear damper –the favorite damper

Gear is one of the most commonly used in the machine ,now ,gear system develops towards the direction of high speed ,heavy load and automated .It’s key to reduce noise which caused by the vibration problems that have became increasingly prominent .Therefore ,add the damping material in gear.

Vibration damping is used to measure the system’s consumption ability of physical quantities ,also can  be called  as visco-elastic damping material and it  must be under the status of forces ,with some silicone oil characteristic of elastic energy storage characteristic of solid material .Because of this property ,the gears in mechanical form, use small gear damper to eliminate noise and vibration damping is used as mechanical movement resistance ,this advantage in important industry into full play.

According to Dongguan Longji Plastic Electronic CO.,LTD . Dampener can be applied in many ways, such as ,sunroof switch flip ,car refrigerator ,car audio flip ,the car ashtray ,various electrical and electronic shutter ,trash clamshell box on the panel ,etc.

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