Hot Pot Lid Damper

- Apr 08, 2017-

In today's domestic market, all kinds of hot kettle, by previous boiling kettle, evolved into today's electric kettle. Not to mention the popularity of the porcelain tile teapot, stainless steel pot, glass teapot, plastic kettle.

 Mentioned teapot, inevitably mentioned problem of hot water. Now there is too much scald accident .What is more serious, when you add hot water, the teapot lid covers down quickly, your hand will harm by scald and bruised.

So, I think, buy install a rotary buffer shaft hot kettle, it is very safe and reliable. Dongguan longji LF - 08 a rotating damper is a very good damper, here I ask you to provide this one.

If you intend to order, can make our business insider: 0769-89145676.


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