How To Change The Barrel Rotary Damper

- Jul 23, 2017-

             Many people will meet when the toilet lid breaks down. So how do we change the toilet lid when the toilet lid is broken? Follow the little series below to see if you can change the toilet lid-knowledge. Change the toilet cover--? The user provides the solution one: when changing the toilet lid, we need to remove the fixed bolt from the rear of the toilet to replace it.Barrel Rotary Damper

             The general toilet lid is not the size of the difference, the installation of the adjustment of two bolts on the line. But also need to measure good size, screw hole distance, the width and length of the toilet lid, and then buy a new toilet cover to replace! Change the toilet cover. The Netizen provides the solution two: revolve around the toilet, look at the nut where the toilet lid is, then choose the right wrench and take the nut down well, the seat of the toilet lid nut is divided into two kinds of open and dark, open to be easy to find, but the dark nut is not easily seen, the general position in the toilet water tank edge, so open the lid, will reach into the hand, touch water tank direction there is no nut. The installation of the toilet seat is actually necessary to remove the fixed bolt behind the toilet, remove the previous toilet lid, and then replace the new toilet lid in the fixed nut can be.Barrel Rotary Damper

             At present, most of the toilet cover is size, as long as the toilet at the ends of the screws can be buttoned up. But be sure to measure the size of the toilet before changing the lid of the toilet, and the width and length of the nut distance from the toilet cover need to be determined. To avoid the purchase of inappropriate products. Change the toilet cover. Users to provide solutions three: Different style toilet cover installation is also different, the general situation is the bottom of the toilet seat attached to the seat of the toilet after the screw screw up, as long as the hand to find the two sides of the screws to unscrew the whole lid can be taken down, very simple, you can try. Change the toilet seat-----Netizen offers solution four: can find professional person to change for you. How much does it cost to change a toilet seat? If you are looking for a professional team, then the price is not certain, because each place and each person's fee will be different, the small addendum can not give a precise data.Barrel Rotary Damper

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