How To Develop In The Rotary Damper Industrial

- Nov 21, 2016-

With dampers’ maturity and modernization of management methods, how to integrate increasingly sophisticated capital markets for our usage and create new opportunities for brand development to become the focus of outstanding brand wholesale. Damper wholesale attempts have been made and operated like a fish in water in the capital markets is really influent.

In the future, domestic market will focus on high precision, high efficiency, the solidity, versatility, specifications, varieties of standardization, systematization, generalization and demonstrate its features. Most entrepreneurs say, when we seek and lock Enterprise OEM cooperation, most lock Enterprise is lifting rotary dampers need fewer, mould cost is relatively high and so declined. 1/3 per cent of exports ofChina's light industry as a whole, arrange three light industrial. On the process and technology for enhancing machining, stamping technology, surface treatment technology for die-casting technology, and automatic assembly lines and other aspects.

 After the international economic recovery, damper brand ushered in the golden period of development of the export market, especially in developing markets. Mechanical processing industry in developing countries is lagging behind and comprehensive aging, generally there is a high demand for imported brands damper damper, damper, damper business is rapidly catching up this great opportunity, through commercial agreements and exchanges, gradually open up a huge market and business.

 Brand of Chinese machine tool industry association said that the precision manufacturing not only need machine precision, not arbitrary, and precision tools, fixtures to ensure that also requires a precision measuring tool and instrument calibration and measurement. National precision brand Engineering Research Center Director Luo Defu, Director of Chengdu Institute of brand, said for now, the central in new cutting tool material and tool material surface modification technology, gear measuring instrument of results already in the domestic leading level.

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