How To Prevent Cheating?

- Apr 17, 2017-

How to prevent cheating

Recently, ZhuoWei revealed "12 years drama", Baibaihe incident is a wave not flat, something newt, first reported white "one finger" which cannot be described. The second bomb "Thai street rubbing hip."

White whose endorsement is millions a year, and she is the queen of the movie box.

That brings out such big cost that she will regret forever.

So, the  consequences of "cheating" is very terrible.

How to prevent "cheating"?

If you install a damper on your product, you have nothing to fear.

Many transmission device needs to be fitted with a clockwork spring, through the spring , up to the actuator.

But spring power is often too big, can cause damage to transmission.

This time according to the transmission of weight and parameter selecting an appropriate rotary damper, to match the appropriate rack, rack to gear assembly precision of dampers, damping buffer effect is demonstrated.

As long as the rack and gear close bite, no matter how large is the transmission of elastic, they are not "cheating"!

Rotary damper and rack with reducing, buffer spring elastic effect, not only reduced the noise of the pop-up, improve the service life of gear, also improves the grade of the product.

Dongguan longji plastic electronics co., LTD., very professional in this field, specializing in the production of vane damper, damping pulley, gear damping, together hand in hand to serve you, let the "cheating".

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